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I am NOT your typical astrologer, and I'm pretty sure the traditional astrology community doesn't approve of my methods. The astrology community suffers from the same laziness other industries face - members who simply "parrot" what others say instead of (1) thinking for themselves, and (2) going against the "authorities" or "industry standard" for fear of losing credibility or accreditation.

Often, I clean up the confusion other astrologers create when they go along with standardized, "one interpretation fits all" approach. So if you want a consultation that is geared toward who YOU are, not just what your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are, then I AM your Astrologer!

Here's how I am different ....

Understand Astronomy In Order To Understand Astrology

Centuries ago astronomers & astrologers were one in the same. In watching the planets, and documenting their characteristics & behavior, they observed that humans responded in cyclical, patterned and predictable ways. But they also realized how humans replicate the characteristics of each planet. So everyone has a ring that protects or confines them (i.e. Saturn), an energy where they are "big" (i.e. Jupiter), a thing they are fiery passionate about (i.e. Venus), something that gets them "red hot mad) (i.e. Mars). Understand the nature of the planets and you begin to understand the core nature of humans.

There Are NO Malefic Planets

Astrologers like to classify planets as "malefic," meaning having an unfavorable influence, or "benefic," meaning doing or effecting good. That would mean God created a planet specifically to hurt or harm you, and a loving God wouldn't do that. A better way to view these planets is that they are perfect for what they are, yet humans USE the planetary energy in malefic ways. Saturn is the planet that gets dubbed most often as malefic. Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility and management, TEACHES you these things. When you ignore them (and who hasn't in their life??) is when the malefic energy occurs. When I finally started to use Saturn for what it is, my life became much easier, and that dreaded "Saturn return" that occurs in the late 50s, was so much easier!

Astrology Doesn't Prove/Disprove Your Religion

Astrology shows how planetary actions affect human behavior and characteristics. As a discipline it predicts these actions, witnesses them, and then documents them. Therefore, astrology isn't a construct that typifies or promotes any specific organized religion, because "organized" religion is created by humans. Astrology does however, show how YOU specifically, and humanity as a whole, use it and operate within this structure.

Those Degree Numbers MEAN Something!

Every sign and house has 30 degrees (0-29) that make up the 360° astrological circle. Those degree numbers MEAN something. For example, a 7° Leo is noticeably different from a 23° Leo. However, most astrologers would lump them together under the Leo Sun Sign, and not see the differences. I was introduced to this "Step System" by Astrologer Christopher Witecki, the creator of the Sirius Joy astrology service, and someone I am honored to call a friend. He built upon the work Astrologer Linda Goodman started in the 70s, deciphering the connection that exists between the degrees numbers, planets and signs. I use this system (with his approval!) and it has made a monumental difference in my accuracy and interpretive skills.

We Are NOT In The Age Of Aquarius!

Just because a song in the 60s mentioned the Age of Aquarius, many think we are there now. We are not, and it's complicated. If you want to know why, I suggest reading the article "The Age Of Aquarius For Dummies" by Australian Astrologer Terry MacKinnell (just google it). Warning ... this is not for beginner astrology students, nor for the astrological faint of heart!

Being A Good Astrologer Requires More Than Just Astrology

As mentioned earlier, most astrologers simply "mimic" what they hear other astrologers say. So when a client comes to them wanting practical solutions to real problems they have no skills that enable them to ascertain what is a "symptom" and what is the actual "problem." To be a good astrologer you must have a good understanding of human psychology, economic & financial systems, effective communication, family & community dynamics, masculine & feminine energies, male/female interactions, health & wellness, relationship dynamics, law &  justice, cycles & patterns, metaphysics, world religions & cultural belief structures, ethics & morality, government & authority, organizations & systems, history (on many levels), and what dwells beyond human comprehension &  understanding. You have to read a lot, and never stop learning. And I'm afraid too many of my colleagues are not willing to invest the time nor energy.

Earth And Chiron Have A Place In The Natal Chart

Yes, I'm a rogue astrologer, and as such I have differing views about planetary "rulership." I've never felt that Venus ruled Taurus, and subscribe to the alternative idea that EARTH rules Taurus. If you want to know more, search for the April 2001 article titled "The Earth-Taurus Connection" by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. I also think valid arguments can be made for Chiron as the ruler of Virgo, not Gemini. Again, google it and you'll see a variety of articles on the topic. I DO use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in my work, though there are a number of astrologers who only use the seven visible planets. I rely heavily on the North/South Nodes (True Node) and Chiron to tell me about your past, and your past lives. I don't use "hypothetical" planets. And I use other planetary bodies, fixed stars, Arabic Lot calculations, and mathematical calculations on an as-needed basis.

All Astrological Perspectives Have A Place

Astrologers can get a bit "militant" defending their astrological approach and perspectives. Honestly, there is so much about the human experience that it takes a LOT of astrological perspectives to explain it all. So there is tremendous value in Vedic/Sidereal astrology, along with those from other parts of Asia, and the ones associated with Indigenous peoples worldwide. So if you find yourself resonating with one over the other, don't sweat it ... it's okay.

This Is YOUR Life We Are Talking About

I take my role as an Astrologer VERY serious. When it's done right astrology takes on an aspect of "life coaching;" and that means I cannot afford to mess around because this is YOUR life we're talking about. I bring my skills as a Minister, communicator, systems analyzer, metaphysician, teacher and spiritual counselor into every chart reading I do. And I strive to teach you enough about your chart so that YOU take ownership of it, and can begin to see the patterns and energies operating in your life. Doing any sort of chart reading for you is always MY HONOR, and I cannot - and will not - forget that.

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