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Yep, one day Robbie Hunt discovered herself, using the power of astrology. But what did she discover?
A Rogue Astrologer who uses her skills as an Experienced Contrarian to combat junk astrology and astrological ignorance.

Practical Mystic & Esoteric who dances with life as a Metaphysical Christian Minister and a Teacher of Earth Centered Wisdom.

A born & bred country girl who grew up in the middle of nowhere, raised on country music, stock car racing, and respecting your Elders.

A badass Aquarian who gets her kicks cooking tasty Indian food while listening to the hits of Arijit Singh

One day
Robbie Hunt
figured out
who she is.
And things
haven't been
the same since!

Astrologer Robbie Hunt

From Robbie ...I am NOT your typical Astrologer. I don't mimic or puppet what the astrology books, community or "experts" say. I use astronomy as a tool for understanding astrology. I believe to be a good astrologer you must be cognizant of history, psychology, world religions, economics & finance, belief systems, relationship dynamics, politics, government, mysticism, health & medicine, what creates a happy & successful life, and just plain ole common sense. If other astrologers have left you feeling dissatisfied, with more questions than answers, then book your Natal Chart reading today. I think you will be surprised what I will tell you about YOU!

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